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Ktotu: command-line tool to tag devices in your network and monitor it against intruders

Purpose of Ktotu is to increase your security. It achieves that by helping you to recognize devices in your network and monitor for the unknown ones.


Today I release first public version v0.1 of ktotu - as Free and Open Source Software - under GNU GPL v2 license

Ktotu is safe for your privacy - all data is stored only on your local machine and nothing is sent to any external service.

You don't have to read full documentation to start. You can stick to the Typical use case.

Created for Linux and runs in terminal. Commands are supposed to be easy to use and I hope the documentation will provide soft landing and exhaustive explanations.

It's still early stage of development and security. It's not yet ready for running on critical resources. I encourage all of you to read the source code and try to hack your own instance of ktotu. I will be grateful for your contribution in application security.

Documentation and code repository is available here: Ktotu

I hope you will benefit using it