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[06.04.2021] 2nd place in 512KB Club
Well that was fun.
I found 512KB Club about a week ago. It's a Internet movement advocating for better websites optimization - quite cool. What attracted me most was ranking of the lightests websites in terms of uncompressed size. I decided to involve and compete with other folks and with myself in particular.
When I started, the most optimized site (and a pretty cool blog at the same time) had 1.01KB, so the bar was set high. As of today, the 1st place has 0.15KB and it's really low size.
I managed to reduce my website to 0.44KB. In terms of this particular website, it's quite close to the lowest limit of preserving both content and styling and keeping low uncompressed size.
I made a list of so-called rules of thumb that I followed:
These advices aren't silver bullet though. They don't guarantee best optimization and I'm pretty sure that you can make it better.
Full code:
<!DOCTYPE html><head><meta content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1"name="viewport"><title>home</title><link rel="icon"href="data:"><style>html{font:22px monospace;padding:5%;background:seashell}a{color:seashell;background:#000;font-weight:700;text-decoration:none;text-transform:uppercase;letter-spacing:5px}</style></head><body><h2>Jedrzej Pawel Maczan</h2><h3><a href="info.html">info</a> <a href="blog.html">blog</a></h3></body></html>
Kudos to Kev for starting and maintaining the project and to all involved in better Internet.
Update: Rules have changed and ultra weight sites are not allowed. So then, current design of home page have slightly changed, still remaining minimalistic.
Take care
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