Jędrzej Paweł Maczan

Knowledge: random and biased knowledge about programming, networks, systems and hacking

Knowledge is live since today.

Knowledge is a living set of informations, code and tips, which I expand on a daily basis during doing computer stuff in a spare time. The content might change every day - for better I hope, but no warranty included.

It will never be complete. When I learn something which is not obvious to me or might save a time in the future, I add it to Knowledge. At the moment it has multiple issues with formatting and content is limited to what I aggregated through several weeks.

If you mess with similar stuff, from somewhat related areas of programming, networks, systems and hacking, then I hope that you will be able to solve your issues quicker and save some web searching with Knowledge.

Link: Knowledge

At the end of a day it's just an aggregation of my notes. Happy hacking!