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[19.04.2021] The Art of GyShiDo
I value effectiveness.
If you speak with me for a while, you'd probably notice that I have little patience for bs and small-talk. The rationale is that there's no value in pointless chit chat or extending one's comments or statements solely for purpose of talking.
In general, I like when things are concise, clear, unbiased and accurate.
This is why GyShiDo caught my eye.
It's a internet movement for better quality way of working and living. In short and self-explanatory manner it gives you 7 rules for getting your shit done in a premium quality. By getting your shit done it simply means doing your tasks effectively.
In one sentence, maintain undivided focus on most valuable part of your task, repeat it over and over again, be honest in whatever you're involved, don't waste yours and others time and don't be evil.
Pretty cool, right? Also the illustrations are decent. They remind me Shogo, classic mech video game.
I contributed to the GyShiDo movement by translating it into Polish language.
Take care all and get your shit done
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