Jędrzej Paweł Maczan

Rsb64: Base64 encoder and decoder written in Rust

Hi, I published Rsb64 today.

In order to encode or decode a text, Rsb64 reads it from a file.


To run Rsb64, you need to build it with Rust's cargo:

cargo build --bin rsb64 --release

I wanted to learn some Rust and this project is a product of learning process. It was fun experience. At first I wrote the code in imperative way and then refactored parts of it to more functional form.

This time I decided to publish the program with dual license - GPLv2 for open source & research projects and another license for commercial usages.

I did it this way, despite I like the idea of Free and Open Source software.

The reason why is because after companies' response on Log4Shell security incident, I started having doubts whether FOSS didn't become free labour force that serves to the business.

Link to repository: GitHub

Happy *coding :)